10/25/08- I just spilled my coffee

I am the sloppiest person ever. If I eat spaghetti I will no doubt get some sauce on my shirt. It just has to happen. Half the time I look “out of order”. My toenail pollish is usually chipping, my eyeliner is usually running, it never fails. Clothes in my house seem to reproduce like hampsters. I don’t know how they end up everywhere but usually if I want to find something, I must check the floor. I ALWAYS lose my driver’s license. As a matter of fact, I don’t know where it is right now. My shoes always end up in the oddest locations. Behind the toilet, under the entertainment stand, in a drawer in my son’s room….What is it with me? I am usually late for things because I am always rushing around at the last minute to find things. I think I need a life coach.


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