My life is in your hands

In Uncategorized on October 25, 2008 at 3:42 pm

Do you know who you are driving behind? Do you really know who you are driving with? According to FARS, there were 37,248 traffic fatalities in the US in 2007. Are you a safe driver? Can I trust driving next to you? Is it OK if I merge onto the Interstate or are you one of the ones who speeds up to be 1 second early to your destination?

We don’t know what people’s deal is. The person driving next to you could be on a suicidal mission, ready to take themselves out and anyone who crosses their path. The driver in front of you could be totally plastered. There are so many scenarios that play out day to day. After years of driving, people tend to totally put their guard down until they dodge the bullet. Think about it. You are driving down a two-way street. The lanes are narrow. There is no median, nothing blocking oncoming traffic from colliding head on with you, other than paint on the road. No barrier. What is stopping that person from smashing into you? Because they don’t want to die, right? Well what if they do? Or, what if they are smoking and take their eye off the road for two seconds to put their cigarette out? What if they are tired? What if they are drunk? High? Every time we get into our car, we are putting our lives in the hands of the drivers around us.

It’s great that people consider themselves to be “good drivers” but that is only half the battle my friends. I don’t care how much you have perfected your skill over the years, if you are driving by another person who has an “issue” then your skill isn’t very beneficial. I know you can’t live life worrying, “what if I died in a car accident today” but in a way, that’s kind of what you have to do. You have to anticipate each move the drivers around you could possibly make. When your light turns green, you have to anticipate that someone could run that light- then what? When you are coming around a blind corner, you have to think, a woman could be crossing the street while pushing a stroller. When you are trying to merge onto the interstate, you have to assume the person speeding up will beat you if you race them, in turn, running your car off the road. When you are riding someones bumper, think about what would happen if they were to slam on breaks. You can’t be a passive driver. Most of the accidents I have heard of were seemingly unpredictable and happened in a “I didn’t see it coming, it happened so fast” manner. In the blink of an eye, your car could be tossed off the side of a bridge. It’s that serious.

I have never been in a car accident. I have always followed my hunches and these hunches is what’s keeping me alive everytime I make my daily commute to wherever I am going. I had a close friend that died in a car accident. He was a passenger and his brother was high. He lost control of his car and smashed into a light pole- that light pole hit directly where his little brother was sitting and he was killed. It’s like that. I fear for my fiance’s life everytime he pulls out of the driveway because I just hope and pray he drives defensively that day and nothing happens to him. We have all had our moments where we aren’t paying close enough attention and when you allow yourself to be vulnerable like that, those are the times you are most likely to crash. I love life. I have a newborn daughter and a son in Pre-K. Don’t take my life just because you didn’t feel like paying attention that day. Don’t kill my fiance just because you assumed you had things under control. Always be aware of your surroundings and drive as if you already knew you would get in an accident that day.


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