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In Choose Wisely on October 20, 2008 at 7:32 pm

You aren’t as limited and unnoticed as you think you are. Your actions and your words could possibly  affect someone in some way for the rest of their life. People remember the kind things you do as well as the awful.

There are certain actions of other people that stand out in my mind. Some good, some bad. I have a great memory  and will sometimes remember the weirdest things. But still, I want people to really understand that what you say and do today could affect someone for the rest of their life. It could be something as small as a thought you put in their head or it could be enormous and affect their decisions for the rest of their life. The truth is, we impact each other. We all tie into this web of life, so think before you speak.

I remember when I was in third grade. We had to complete a short story and read it in front of the class- this was something I always loved to do and always did my best at it. I loved the movie “Milo and Otis” back then, you know, the one about the dog and the cat. Lame. I know. So I thought of a good story featuring those characters. It was basically about how their owners went away for the day and they destroyed the house while they were gone. The story was basically about how they were going to clean the house before their owners got back. The only thing I took from the movie was the characters, I guess it was my own “Part Two” of the movie. My turn came around to read the story out loud, “Milo and Otis destro-” Was about all I could get out. The teacher immediately shut me up, accusing me of not doing my work and copying the movie. Every time I opened my mouth to explain to her that I didn’t copy anything, she shut me up. She ended up ripping my story apart and throwing it away. To this day, I still wish that I could find her somehow and tell her how wrong she was and finally get my words out that I had not copied anything. It bothered me that bad.

When I was in college, I was pretty much a slacker. I was really bad at math and that sort of de-motivated me to excel in any subject, really. I always thought, “If I don’t pass math it won’t matter how good I am at anything else anyways”. So I didn’t even try. I was walking past the tables outside before class and saw one of my classmates passed out on the table. I woke her up and told her that class was about to start. After class, I saw her back at the tables. I stopped to talk to her, get to know her. She was maybe in her 30’s at the time, I was only 16. I was talking about how hard college was for me because of math. She told me how hard college was for her because her husband of 10+ years cheated on her with her best friend, took the house, took the car and left her a single mother of 3 kids. She worked full time and went to school full time. I will remember that forever and sometimes thinking about that motivates me to try harder. This woman seriously got most of her sleep at the tables outside the cafe at our college. If that doesn’t motivate you, I don’t know what else will.

I remember the little things. I remember a lot of the times I was congratulated for my hard work and then I remember times that I was blown off or ridiculed. Those kind of things stick with people. I am sure that in some way, I have managed to affect someones life. I only hope it was for the better. I would never want to be responsible for someone else’s ill feelings towards life. That’s something I don’t want to contribute to. It’s funny how years can go by and we forget a lot of little things we have seen along the way, but still manage to cling to those small, quick moments that other people would see as being insignificant.

Maybe this is why I enjoy posting like this. As I have said before, I have about 400 posts on my Myspace blog and am now consumed by this one. There is just something powerful in knowing that somewhere, someone could possibly be clinging to your words as their last hope. Someone could be changed forever just by taking a look at my page. Whether it’s from reading what I write or simply by taking up some of their time to take a look, I have affected someone in some way. I love feeling that. But whatever I do, I will try my best to leave a good imprint on people. I will try to affect someone for the better. Sometimes life can make us feel insignificant but take a look around you. We *are* life. We *make* life. Our interaction with each other is what keeps us going. So let’s keep it positive and leave our mark on someone else’s mind for a good cause.

  1. Great Post, Kristi! This is a concept I live by 🙂

  2. Thanks! I wish everyone could share this same value lol.

  3. People can end up shooting up a school, or become inspired and proceed to something great by anothers actions or thoughts. Some do have little effect but some takes a toll more than the eyes could see…nice work

  4. Thank you for sharing these thoughts, Kristi. What we say or do may be forgotten in a moment or leave a permanent impression. We shouldn’t assume we’re forgettable.

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