Life is a Game. Let’s Play.

In Life is a game on September 24, 2008 at 3:17 am

Life is a kind of Chess, with struggle, competition, good and ill events
-Benjamin Franklin
I must thank my Fiance for introducing me to this game. I always looked at it as a “nerdy” type of game. To me, it just looked like Checkers with fancier pieces.

When he first taught me how to play, I was strictly focused on the legal moves of the pieces. How the Horse moves in an “L” shape, the pawns can only move forward one space but must attack diagnally, the bishop moves as many spaces diagnally, etc. Just basically trying to figure out how to take a piece. When I got the hang of it, I realized if I ever wanted to beat him, I had to have a strategy. A plan of attack. I had to make several moves in my head before I physically moved my pieces. I had to call his bluff and try to guess his next move. Figure out his intentions. I had to sacrifice pieces. I had to understand the importance of a pawn and that in some cases it could be more beneficial to me than my Queen if I had the right battle plan. There is just so much involved in the game. It’s a mind game. Sometimes you win with minimal loss of pieces, sometimes you win with only your King. Sometimes your opponent sneaks up on you and takes a vital piece when you are distracted, causing you to have to re-think your entire plan of attack. And then sometimes it is only your King, left running for his life.

You have to have the right confidence to play. You have to play defense and offense with every move you make. It may even involve a little bluffing. Sometimes you must pretend unintentional moves were intentional. But nothing is more aggrivating when someone who hardly knows the game comes in and leaves you begging for your life with a single pawn, a bishop and your King, all on opposite sides of the board, no way to win. You beat yourself up and question your skill. Sometimes you give up and sometimes you will play game after game to proove your skill. Mind games. That’s what it is.

My Fiance once wrote a blog and compared his life and our relationship to a game of Chess. I initially laughed at it thinking he was being over-dramatic. Then I thought, “How in the hell is he gonna compare me to a game of chess, does it mean nothing more to him than a game?” He mentioned sacrificing his Queen. I was pissed. Maybe because at the time I didn’t know how to play too well. I now totally agree with him.

Life is almost exactly like a game of chess- sacrifice, skill, strategy, confidence, luck, bluffing, you name it. Maybe some day when I perfect my skills at chess, I will be able to play life like a Grandmaster instead of a rookie.



  1. Yeah, I played a real cocky guy one time, and he was beating the pants off of me. He put me in check over 20 times, and I was about to forfeit (by knocking the king over). I was down to one rook and a few pawns. By sheer luck I saw that my rook could move all the way down the board and trap his king behind all of his pawns. It sure felt good to say the magical words that the guy was expecting to say to me, but never expected to hear from me. Those words were “Check Mate!”. And I danced….

  2. Life is a big game. We will live it to the fullest and enjoy the times. When we get old we will look back and say “Did I really do all these things I said I did?” “Did I really say all those things, whether it is right or wrong?” Yes we probably did and we wonder what went right or wrong. We are constantly searching for that shining star and never realize until it is too late that it was within reach if we only took a step of faith. Kristi, keep writing! Don’t ever give it up. You are good at it. ANd yes I am biased because I am your mom, but I really think this is great!

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