Romance is Vintage

In Romance is vintage on September 19, 2008 at 12:30 pm

Damn I love oldies. It’s crazy how things change because I swear it was only yesterday I sat in the backseat of my parent’s beat up Dodge Caravan ducking for cover while my mom blared The Temptations past all of my neighborhood friends. But over time I have grown a respect for it and actually a huge desire to listen to it….constantly.


For one, it reminds me of the good ole’ days. I loved walking in the kitchen and catching my mom and dad slow dancing to The Beach Boys. Nevermind the crazy arguements they got into, it was times like this that made me look forward to adulthood and finding that guy I could dance in the kitchen with.

I’m also dillusional. I believe in my heart Sonny and Cher were right when they said “Love will keep us together”. I cherish the famous words of The Casinos, “Tell me you love me for a million years, then if it don’t work out, then if it don’t work out, then you can tell me goodbye”….And I really thought finding true love would be similar to The Ronnettes in “Be My Baby”.

I’m only 24 but I suspect 2008 is totally different than 1958. I believe time robbed us of optimism and the “let’s stay together” attitude. Ok, ok I know most of those oldies singers had their share of affairs and divorce. But even THAT looked like something to be envied. People had so much more passion back then. There’s no passion anymore. We have developed a run-of-the-mill lifestyle. We think we know it all with our fancy gadgets and hi-tech gidgets. We can educate ourselves on through google yet still need proffessional help on how to make our relationships and marriage work. We want to hear that it’s easy. Everything else in life is easy, why can’t relationships be easy? That’s just our mentality. We run at the first sign of a problem. We dump boyfriends faster than we dump old cell phones. The minute something new comes along, we’re out the door.

We live in a fast-paced world now. Everyone is always in a rush to get to their destination. Wether that destination be work everyday or eventual wealth, we are running full speed to get there. Families don’t even seem like families anymore. Nothing feels warm. I am surprised at how many people meet online. I met my fiance online. To me that kind of seems like alot of us live life via the WWW. We miss out on so much that life has to offer us because we have gotten extremely passive and lazy. We are too lazy to even hit the damn clubs anymore, most of us just browse Myspace to find our soulmate.

The problem is, we don’t have it in us to stick things out and make things work. If it’s broke, why fix it when you can easily buy another one?

People please don’t run out on love. It’s not an old iPod. It’s not a slow internet connection. It’s real. It’s what we live for. Respect it. Cherish it. Fight for it. The best things in life do not come from Best Buy, folks. As hard as you work to maintain your comfortable lifestyle, fighting rush hour traffic every morning, dealing with unappreciative boss’s and being over-worked and under-paid, you can work at love. You can work at “making it work”. If you don’t then you WILL go through love like you go through cell phones……something better will always come out.


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